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Our fundamental identity is absolute consciousness, de-void of any conditioning whatsoever. However, our identities as individuals, as well as our human identity as a race, is programmed consciousness. Your consciousness has been programmed by evolution, by collective consciousness, perhaps by your past lives, and last but not least by the sum of your experiences from the moment of conception to the present. Everything that you do, think and feel, in your entire life, is lived in the context of these programs. Yet, the great majority of these programs are unconscious or pre-conscious. We think that we are fully conscious and that we are choosing our path through life; however, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that we are pre-programmed, programmed to eat and breathe, programmed to struggle to survive, programmed to love and hate, programmed to compete and submit, programmed to climb the dominance hierarchy - and most of all programmed to perceive the present and anticipate the future in the context of what we have learned in the past! What is more, when we are in the grip of these programs, we are almost certain, almost doomed, to react instead of act.

What does this mean to you? It means that instead of experiencing things openly and consciously, you experience them inside a box, a pre-existent, unconscious box and you react to them mechanically in a preordained manner. On an individual level, this and this alone is the explanation for the great majority of what goes wrong in your life! On the collective level of all humanity, this and this alone is the explanation for the great majority of what is wrong with the world!

If you feel that you are out of control, that your life is not working the way you hoped it would, that you are ruled by vicious habits and petty passions, that you don't understand why people react to you in the ways they do - if you feel that no matter how good your intentions may be, your emotions and actions belie them - this and this alone is the explanation!

The programs that rule us are rigid, harsh and inconsiderate. In a time when human progress was not so fast, what we learned in the past stayed more or less applicable in the present. But at the present time, where we are co-evolving ourselves, our society and our technology at breakneck speed and consuming the natural world in the process, some of these human programs are becoming obsolete more quickly than our computer programs!

Yet, until now, until the creation of PsychoNoetics, there has been no comprehensive way to deprogram ourselves so that we can make room for consciousness and openness. PsychoNoetics is a therapeutic transformational modality which has, at its heart, strategies to identify and deprogram those programs which are no longer working to benefit us, both our lives as individuals, and our collective impact on the planet.

We invite you to explore this website at your leisure and think deeply about what you're reading, because PsychoNoetics is powerful medicine. It can and will change your life, but only if you practice it. It can and will change the world, but only if we practice it!


In order to practice it, we must first learn PsychoNoetics. On-going facilitation and online training is available in private and group sessions and free online public seminars will be announced.

Please contact us to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you regarding any questions, comments, suggestions, proposals, ideas, sharings, or internship requests.