Autoimmune disorders

Sometimes people who are prone to allergies and in particular, people with multiple chemical sensitivities, also develop autoimmune disorders. This is when a part of your body becomes misidentified as an alien substance and your immune system starts to reject it. Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, and type 1 diabetes are just three examples of this widespread problem. The treatment for autoimmune disorders is similar to the treatment for multiple chemical sensitivities, i.e., identifying and unlearning the specific allergic reactions, detoxification, and supporting adrenal and immune system function. However, the parts of your body that have been impacted by an autoimmune reaction, glands, organs, joints, even the nervous system, may also need attention. These will begin to heal themselves after the autoimmune reaction is cleared, but may also need healing, supplements or more conventional rehabilitation practices. Furthermore, in the cases where joint, organ, glandular, neural structures have been significantly impaired, major medical intervention and support is indicated, e.g., insulin or knee replacement. For a more complete list of autoimmune diseases I refer you to a List of Autoimmune Diseases from Wikipedia.