Clearing and facilitating homeostasis on the psychospiritual level

Unfortunately, letting go to a real identity is not is easy as it sounds (and it doesn't sound easy). Understanding is not enough. We have to really correct the identity confusion belief by belief. We have to clear the belief that we are inferior and need to be superior. We have to clear how these beliefs make us feel. And we have to clear from our memory, those formative experiences that first taught us that there was such a thing as inferiority/superiority and that we were on the lower end of the seesaw.

As long as the building blocks of the inferiority remain in place, the inferiority feelings will persist and so will the need for superiority and the striving for compensation. Only when the inferior identity is deconstructed will the drive for superiority abate. And only then will the forces of psychological homeostasis return us to relaxation openness so that we can listen to higher reason and really take it in.

Facilitating healing

Have you noticed that I always say facilitate healing, not the way I heal? That's because in the final analysis only homeostasis heals. I just facilitate the process by clearing the identity confusion, resetting and energizing the organs and glands, and guiding the recovery process. Without the homeostatic processes, without the intelligence of the bodymind, without the life force, there can be no healing, only decline and disorder, physical and psychological.

This then is the healing paradigm of PsychoNoetics. It is firmly based in the science of consciousness and it guides my practice as a healer, enlightenment therapist and spiritual teacher.