Clearing identity confusion, resolving stress and restoring homeostasis

An integrated paradigm of dis-ease and healing

I have news for you. A lot of physical diseases and most psychological and psychospiritual disturbances come directly from identity confusion! Identity confusion creates tension, inner conflict and stress. These, in turn, unbalance us. When this happens, the homeostatic processes that regulate every aspect of our body and mind kick into overdrive to restore and rebalance us. However, due to the stress of identity confusion, they are continually frustrated in this endeavor. Eventually they overheat, trip a circuit breaker, and stop working or at best work feebly.

Even before this happens however, we start to suffer the consequences of stress, both physical and psychological. The physical consequences include allergic and autoimmune disorders, stress syndrome, metabolic disorders, cancer, etc. The psychological consequences include most disorders that do not have a clear physiological or genetic origin, problems like depression, hopelessness, anxiety, rage, inferiority/superiority feelings, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction, ADD and the like. The list goes on and on, only limited by the mental health profession's ability to find separate ways of classifying what are essentially separate expressions of the same problem.

What is identity confusion?

Our identity is what we are. We all have a specific identity; one that is both physical and psychological and has many facets and layers. We were born with much of our physical identity and some of our psychological identity already given to us, but over time we added on this base. Experience and education taught us things that extended our identity. Some of these things were true when we learned them and remain true, others became less true over time and still others were never true. The things that remain true enhance our functioning, but the things that were false or became so, create self-conflict and limit our functioning. In short they create identity confusion.

Identity confusion then is when our true identity is overlaid with mistakes, and these mistakes, like glitches in the software, screw up our psychobiological computers. They create conflict, stress and dis-ease.

As I have said, identity confusion exists on both the physical and mental levels. One example of physical identity confusion is allergy. An allergy is a kind of conditioned learning. Allergies are formed when our immune system associates innocuous substances with a toxic substance so that a formerly innocuous elicits a toxic response. A more severe case of identity confusion is an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmunity is an allergy to a part of our own body. It takes place when our immune system misidentifies a part of our self as an alien substance and rejects it. An even more severe case of identity confusion is cancer. In cancer a part of our body actually mutates into an alien form, but, because it was originally part of us, our immune system fails to identify and reject it. Conversely, the cancer cells forget they are part of our body.

How is identity confusion the common denominator of these three, disparate disorders? Allergies are a case of implicit identity confusion, where we become confused as to what is toxic to us. Autoimmune disorders are a case of explicit identity confusion, where we confuse a part of our body with an alien invader and mistakenly reject it. The case of cancer is the reverse of autoimmunity, where we confuse an alien invader with a part of our body and fail to reject it.