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Precision healing through the science of consciousness

Welcome to DrJeffs.com. I'm Dr. Jeff Eisen Ph.D. a healer, both medical and psychospiritual as well as an enlightenment therapist and spiritual teacher...

And I'm here to help you solve your problem.

I know that before coming here, you have probably exhausted the traditional solutions of mainstream medicine, psychotherapy and religion and have probably exhausted the resources of your immediate community as well. I also know that you have probably checked out other healing web sites and perhaps even Web practitioners and are still looking. Which means that...

  • You think for yourself
  • You are taking responsibility for your own health and well-being
  • You rely on your own judgment, and for good reason
  • You're probably wary of exaggerated claims and have to be shown

If this is you I salute you and look forward to working with you.

First of all, if you have been consulting other healers or looking at their web sites you will have observed the following:

  • Most of them do not have academic credentials or clinical training
  • Most of them don't know how they do what they do, either they give you healing energy as a kind of a tonic, or they are just go-betweens between you and some higher power.
  • Most of them have discovered that they have healing powers, but they really don't understand what they are or where they come from.
  • Many of them don't talk to you; all of their healing is done via e-mail. Others require you to travel to their clinics or take their workshops.

This is not me!

  • I have academic credentials and clinical training as well as proven healing abilities.
  • My academic credentials: I have a Ph.D. in psychology from New York University. I have served as a professor at six universities, and I have published four books with prestigious publishing houses.
  • My clinical training: I have graduated a three-year program in Adlerian psychoanalysis. I am a guild certified hypnotherapist and have completed advanced training in Psychosynthesis, Edu-K, Psychodrama, Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), and a number of other therapeutic modalities.
  • I'm a scientist and a philosopher of consciousness as well as a therapist and healer. My book, Oneness Perceived, A Window Into Enlightenment has been widely acclaimed as an original contribution to the understanding of consciousness. My latest book, Playing 20 Questions With God, A Cosmic Self-Repair Manual is a comprehensive introduction to the revolutionary healing system I have developed, PsychoNoetics.
  • Most of all, I know how I do what I do: I know how to heal! I don't leave it to some higher power; rather I find the higher power in mySelf, by going to Oneness or God consciousness.
  • I do not give unfocused healing energy to people or pray for them. Instead I go through a precise process of scanning body mind and spirit. When I find something that has to be corrected/healed I correct it.
  • I speak with you at length in my office or on the phone. Moreover I enter into a healing relationship with you, one that transmits the qualities of awakeness, stillness, clarity and compassion and that enables healing and self-transformation.
  • I am not a medical doctor but I am a scientist and I am open to cooperating with any mainstream practitioner that you are working with.

If you are worth it to yourself; if your health, well-being and spiritual transformation are invaluable, more important to you than anything else in the world, please explore my web site. Then, if what I am offering seems right for you, contact me.

Dr. Jeff
Jeff Eisen Ph.D.

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