Homeostasis and physical healing

In every case of dis-ease, mental or physical, what we must do to heal is first restore homeostasis.  The only way to do that is to clear the identity confusion that is stressing and overwhelming the homeostatic processes.  One example of this would be clearing the rejection response of say, autoimmune kidney disease.  When the body stops trying to reject its own kidneys, the homeostatic processes, the intelligent functioning of our glands and organs, including our brain, can resume their job of returning us to balance, health and well-being. Which they will do.

Unless of course stress has blown some circuit breakers, shutting down the meridians that supply energy to selected parts of our body, especially our endocrine glands and organs. If this has happened, these circuit breakers have to be reset, so that the glands and organs can resume their work of restoring us to Homeostasis.  Which they will do.

Unless of course they are too depleted to quickly snap back.  When this happens we have to give them an energy assist until they can make it on their own and resume their work of restoring us to Homeostasis.  Which they will do.

Unless of course our systems as a whole are too debilitated to recover quickly.  In which case, in addition to the above, we have to support and nurture ourselves with rest, good nutrition, detoxification, appropriate supplements, relaxation and meditation, psychospiritual exercises like yoga and tai chi chuan, and time. 

So the way to facilitate healing is fourfold.  First we clear the identity confusion which is the cause of the stress.  Then we reset the organs and glands. Then we energize them, and then we appropriately support and nurture our whole, bodymind system.  After that, time and our homeostatic processes complete the work.