Level II Enlightenment

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Level II Enlightenment

What is Level II Enlightenment?

Level II Enlightenment is the next evolutionary leap.  Over the millennia there have been enlightened individuals who have attained great awareness and shifted the course of history, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, to name but a few.  But at this time on the planet, level I enlightenment, great as it may be, is not enough.

Dr Jeff Eisen describes the evolutionary advance of humanity beyond survival consciousness into the actualization of this potential, as follows:

  • Awakening. Recognizing that your real or non-dual identity is Self, the ground of being, AKA no-thing, Buddha mind or God consciousness or whatever you want to call it. Awakening itself is a major step in human evolution and still a relatively rare one.
  • Level I Enlightenment. In this first phase of enlightenment we experience a figure ground shift, from our ordinary, egoic or dual identity to our Self or non-dual identity. After this shift we may be called enlightened; we are in Buddha mind or God consciousness. Yet, Level I Enlightenment, like Mindfulness, is impermanent. It is high maintenance, difficult to hold onto and easy to lose within the morphic field of non-Enlightened humanity because we still retain the structures of our egoic identities.
  • Level II Enlightenment. To attain this level of actualization, we learn to consciously deconstruct, to deprogram our survival consciousness identities.  When we become a deprogrammed human, the image of our ordinary identity reconstructs itself in the context of the bright light of the Self, that which is projected on the screen of our individual consciousness becomes harmonious with God consciousness, and we become aligned and unified on every level.


From Level I to Level II

The problem with Level I Enlightenment and Mindfulness is that we still retain our egoic identity, with all of its many levels of programming intact. Not only do we retain this ordinary identity, we unconsciously perceive through it. It is as if there is a movie projector where the bright light of absolute or God consciousness shines through the film and projects images of ordinary life on the screen of our individual, human consciousness. As long as we identify with the light of absolute consciousness we are all right, but the image on the screen is always there, always calling our attention. All it takes is a momentary lapse in concentration, and we are once again caught up in it, in ordinary reality and its programs of competitive, separative survival.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is not enough to concentrate on Oneness; it is not enough to continually meditate, and it is not enough to control the circumstances of our lives and the people in it. We have to actually deconstruct our evolved and learned identities. We have to deprogram, delete the programs which that identity holds. We have to become a deprogrammed human and relax into Level II Enlightenment.


What are the implications of Level II Enlightenment?  

Level II enlightenment is about breaking the trance of our human programming, so that our absolute or God consciousness becomes the organizing principle for all the aspects of who we are.

More simply, it is about presence and sovereignty.

But what is presence? Presence is not the same as being present, not even present in yourself! Because being present in yourself, you can be present in or identified with- your beliefs, your emotions, your denials, your attachments, or any other part of your ordinary consciousness. Presence implies something more; it implies being present in absolute, unprogrammed consciousness, God consciousness - and from that perspective, witnessing the programmed consciousness of your humanity.

And what is sovereignty? Sovereignty in this respect does not mean having authority over anyone else, but centering on ourselves and having confidence in the wellspring of God consciousness.   The many aspects each of us embodies, emerge from this Well-Spring, and when we honor its authority and live from it, we truly become sovereign persons. 

How do I know when I am in presence, what does it feel like, and how do I distinguish it from being present?

When you are merely present, i.e., present to your emotions, you can be consciously depressed, elated, angry, etc.  In fact, when you're really present in those emotions, really one with them, which is the opposite of that self-awareness that characterizes true presence. However, when you are really present in absolute consciousness, really one with it, you are detached from your emotions, witnessing them.

Presence feels calm, peaceful, devoid of the urge to act or resist. Presence is expansive, not contracted. Presence recognizes other people who are in it and shies away from people who are merely present in some facet of themselves or another. However, this shying away is not judgmental, only sad… compassionate, but sad.

What does it feel like to be a sovereign being? 

A sovereign being is self-sufficient, self-reliant and self determined - in every way, his or her own person. This does not mean that he is not in the world and using that which humanity has provided.  This does not mean that he does not seek help when he needs it. This does not mean that he is closed to people and their influence.  It simply means that he doesn't lean on others for support, reassurance and guidance. He or she is not subject to anyone else's authority.  Instead, he listens to their opinions, takes their advice, and makes up his own mind.

In this making up his or her own mind, he is open to a "higher authority", but this higher authority is not a doctor, minister, or any other authority figure. It is the truth, his own truth, the truth that he intuits through his greater identity.  Thus, a sovereign human is not an angry renegade or a lonely loner, but a self-illuminated human.