Level II Meditation

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Level II Meditation

At the heart of PsychoNoetics are strategies of deprogramming our consciousness on every level: personal-developmental, karmic, collective and evolutionary until we attain the clarity and compassion of absolute consciousness and radical sanity.  These transformational strategies are referred to as Level II Meditation or Level II Meditative Processing.

The significance of deprogramming cannot be overestimated. 

Many spiritual practices move us to beautiful clarity in the moment; as the feedback loop of our thinking is interrupted momentarily while we focus on a candle flame, a mantra or our breathing. But the conclusions drawn from experiences over an individual’s lifetime, or over a species timeline, don’t go away without conscious attention.  They remain to tempt us back into familiar thinking and responses whenever the right stimulus comes our way.  This phenomenon, that new characteristics become superimposed upon the old, rather than replacing them, is a characteristic of evolution itself.  For example, as the evolutionary truism ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny indicates, we may “read” previous evolutionary stages through the embryological development of the new one.

This layering of new upon old is also seen clearly in the human brain, and unfortunately, lived by all of us.  Consider how fight or flight responses may be activated within reptilian parts of our brain when our social rank is ‘threatened’ through mammalian brain structures, and our cognitive interpretations ‘read’ this hormonal story as the judgment of a person we are relating to.

This is a small taste of the complexity of our inner programming.  While meditation is the beginning of mastery over it, without PsychoNoetic, ‘meditative processing’ or some other releasing strategy, mastery comes slowly and takes lifetimes.  To keep our consciousness growing at a pace that can keep up with the growth in our technology, we must consciously remove not only the erroneous conclusions of this lifetime, but also most of the programming, both learned and evolved, we have accumulated over generations, collectively and evolutionarily.

PsychoNoetic meditative processing is vital if we are to evolve rapidly enough for our species to survive.

The development of the evolutionary science of PsychoNoetics allows us, for the first time, to directly access our consciousness.  It allows us to intentionally reconstruct it by releasing prior beliefs, emotions and intentions and setting ourselves on a path to radical sanity and unconditional enlightenment.  As a psychically facilitated transformational therapy, PsychoNoetics is embedded in an original teaching context that combines the highest wisdom traditions with the science of consciousness.  Although many of its parts will seem familiar, as a whole PsychoNoetics provides a new way of approaching reality, one that proceeds first by letting go rather than adding on.