More about healing

I've explained a little about what I do as a psychological intuitive and healer, now I'd like to talk about the physical side of healing, and then say a few things about the precision healing of PsychoNoetics.

Mainstream medicine

Our body, mind and spirit work together and makes up a whole system.  Depending on what we think, do, and put into the system, it can find homeostasis and balance itself or it can break down. When it breaks down and we go to a medical doctor, the chances are he will recommend treatment that will address your symptoms but ignore the causes of this breakdown.  This will make you more comfortable but only temporarily.  If you don't address the forces that are causing your system to break and only treat the symptoms the dis-ease progresses and you will eventually get into serious trouble.

Spiritual healing

Most "spiritual" healing consists of sending a prayer or a general intention for wellness or wholeness to the person being healed.  Although positive healing energy is sent, it tends to be unfocused and it too does not address the causes of the problem.  Positive energy almost always has a beneficial effect, but frequently these effects are disappointingly minimal.  For instance, in clinical trials, where groups of people pray for hospital patients, the people who are prayed for do somewhat better than the control group (which has received no prayers) but the difference is slight, statistically significant but practically insignificant, usually not enough to turn around the disease process, usually not lifesaving.

The precision healing of PsychoNoetics

PsychoNoetics is the next generation of healing practice.  It is a new healing paradigm, one that combines spirit and science. PsychoNoetics does not work by suppressing symptoms nor does it work by giving positive energy as a tonic.  Instead, it addresses our whole system on the causal level and with great precision. 

How does PsychoNoetics work?

Just as I ask specific questions as a psychological intuitive and healer, I do so as a medical one.  The questions are too numerous to list, but they take in the state of your endocrine glands and hormones, metabolism, nervous system, neurotransmitters, blood, muscles and bones.  They also take into account allergies, autoimmune disorders, chronic diseases and infectious diseases as well as cancer.  Beyond that, I put things together to try to grasp the pattern of your whole system, body, mind and spirit, on the causal level.

As I locate maladaptive or dysfunctional beliefs, defenses and energy blocks, on either the psychospiritual or physical levels, I clear them with the scalpel of focused intention. When the blocks you're holding are cleared, your own energy resumes its flow. This principle holds true for every level of our being.

The healing relationship

What ever you consult me for, I don't relate to you as a problem or disease or even a patient.  I relate to you as a whole person trying to move towards health and wholeness, but encountering obstacles along the way.  My job is to help you see these obstacles and remove them, not to go around them.  In this, I try to take everything into account and move you as a whole towards well-being.

This is the healing relationship and it creates a field, a transformational field.  This field potentiates the techniques of PsychoNoetics and it is in this field that healing takes place.

Throughout the process, in-between investigating and clearing, I talk with you, asking questions, sharing things from my own life, making jokes, telling little Zen stories and gently pointing the way forward.

Dramatic results

Because of the power and precision of PsychoNoetics, most healing is fast and the results significant.  When it is not, I either have not discovered the root cause of the difficulty or the bodymind has to go through a gradual restructuring

Working with physicians

 I am not a medical doctor and I do not practice medicine, nor am I a chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath or any other licensed medical provider.  However I will be glad to collaborate with any healthcare professionals you are working with.  What's more I think then in many cases a complementary approach, which includes nutrition, detoxification, rehabilitation, counseling, medication and the like, as needed, is more powerful.  My only caveat is that close attention should be paid to the course of treatment, so that only that which is beneficial is undergone.