Multiple chemical sensitivities

Sometimes, usually because of severe or chronic exposure to toxins, a person will develop multiple chemical sensitivities.  This means that an exposure that would not impact an ordinary, healthy person, even one that has allergies, impacts them severely.  People of multiple chemical sensitivities go into full-blown allergy attacks at the slightest provocation, a whiff of perfume, the exhaust from a passing car, wet cement across the street, going into a room that has been recently painted, anything at all.

These people also tend to form additional allergies at the drop a hat.  In many cases, this is because they are in an ongoing, toxic state, and their bodies have to be detoxified.

In every case, as in all severe allergies, the immune system has also been weakened and the adrenals exhausted.  The treatment for this is complex.  In addition to unlearning the allergies and detoxification, energy healing, glandular, herbal and vitamin supplements, and biomagnets can all used to support and restore adrenal and immune system function.

If you are already working with a holistic physician, I am happy to engage as part of your healing team.