Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is caused by experiencing a psychologically overwhelming event in the past, either in childhood or earlier in our adult life.  The childhood experience of abuse, emotional, physical or sexual, or sometimes even witnessing an abusive situation constitutes an early trauma.  However, it needs to be a situation to which is traumatic from the point of view of the cultural context in which it is witnessed.  For instance in Freud's time, witnessing one's parents having sex, even in later childhood or adolescence could qualify as traumatic, whereas today even children are inured to witnessing both sex and violence by television.  However, actually witnessing violence and/or rape on a peer probably would qualify as traumatic.

Some other traumatic events, not necessarily restricted to childhood, would be life-threatening illnesses or accidents, experiencing violence, being in combat or a natural disaster or being in prison.

It is not enough to have experienced a trauma to be diagnosed with dramatic stress disorder; you also have to exhibit one or more symptoms. The most salient of these symptoms is the persistent re-experience of the traumatic event, either in dreams or in your reactions to otherwise innocuous events that remind you of the original.  Other symptoms might be phobic avoidance anything that reminds you of the original event, chronic anxiety and over vigilance, sleep disturbances, or persistent, unexplained difficulties with relationships, work or any of their other areas of your life.

PsychoNoetics greatest strength is in clearing memories or Karma.  A few psychonoetic clearings can completely eradicate or greatly ameliorate even the most persistent case of post-traumatic stress disorder.