PsychoNoetic Healing

PsychoNoetic Three Dimensional Healing

PsychoNoetics is also a powerful tool to heal our bodies. It works on the principle of clearing up identity confusion on the psychophysical level as a way correcting our metabolism so that it can function optimally. Thus corrected, our metabolism can heal our body, sometimes very quickly, by restoring it to balance. PsychoNoetic healing is most effective for other healing those disorders for which other health care modalities are least effective; disorders characterized by identity confusion: allergies, autoimmune disorders, cancers and the like. Allopathic medicine treats these identity confusion disorders by suppressing the immune system. This alleviates the symptoms but robs the body of its first line of defense. Most other treatment strategies strengthen the body. This strategy is better because it strengthens the body's resistance in general, but it also strengthens the immune system which, in the case of allergies and autoimmune disorders, is confusedly attacking other systems of the body. Whereas in the case of cancers, it sometimes strengthens the cancer as well as the body as a whole. Only by first clearing up the identity confusion can the metabolism be free to do its healing work! Then strengthening the body as a whole is the next step.


Wholeness heals.

Wellness is wholeness of the body,

Enlightenment is wholeness of consciousness

Illness, dis-ease rarely if ever exists in a vacuum.  That is to say a physical illness rarely exists without some disturbances on the psychological and spiritual levels.  In fact, it rarely exists without a cluster of other physical problems.  Healing that is just aimed at the presenting symptomology doesn't get at the whole person, and therefore it is never comprehensive or deep and it is just a matter of time before another illness or problem arises.

This said however, I know that there is an originating level (physical, psychological or spiritual) of any illness and that is usually the place to start the treatment.  However, after I address this I look for other, compromised systems on all levels.  Then I look for lifestyle issues, diet, exercise, work, relationships, stress etc. that might play a role in the dis-ease process.  This is total healing, three dimensional healing and it is only after all facets of the illness have been looked at and any appropriate steps have been taken that the treatment can be said to be complete.

Even then, a complete treatment is not a complete healing.  The first treatment starts the healing but it is the new life direction, along with possible subsequent treatments, that over time, completes it.

Psychonoetic healing starts by addressing the presenting problem but it does not hold itself complete until it addresses all systems, all levels, and all lifestyle variables.  So, for instance, healing a person who has type 2 diabetes may start by clearing the pancreas.  However the adrenals and thyroid are probably compromised as well and the person is probably suffering from stress syndrome with its origin in either allergic stress, psychological stress or physical/disease stress.

The person is almost always overweight as well and there is a relationship between Cortisol levels and weight, as well as thyroid insufficiency and weight. 

After this is looked at, I look at the psychological and spiritual issues that might either underlie or result from the whole disease pattern.

On the other hand, a mental illness, say a phobia, needs to be first addressed on the psychological level.  What is its history; what is the person getting out of it; how does it distort the pattern of his life.  However there are invariably lifestyle issues, physical health issues and spiritual issues as well and again, the treatment is not complete until all of these have been dealt with.

Healing modalities

There are three elements to most PsychoNoetics treatments, scanning, diagnosis and clearing/energizing.


Scanning consists of reviewing the body of consciousness in question, whether it be a part of the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body or the karmic body in order to identify any holdings that are blocking or diminishing energy flow.


Diagnosis is the process of tracing the holding back to its specific point to origination, in this life or a past life, whether it is a memory, a belief/emotion, a trauma - physical or psychological, an energy field or something else.  When the root cause of a negative holding is discovered, something can be done about it with precision.


Something that is being held can also be let go of.  It is as simple as relaxing a fist; you just intend it and it happens. However, as in anything, you have to know how to do it and you have to be in the right place.  The place that I work from is universal mind or universal consciousness, the same universal consciousness that we all are.  To the extent that you give yourself up to this consciousness and intend to let go, my intention will facilitate your intention, and a profound healing will take place.

Every part of your consciousness, body, mind and spirit, is a complex system in homeostatic balance.  When a negative holding is let go of, some tension or conflict in the system is released and the remaining forces go to a different balance.  In a short while homeostasis is regained, but on a higher level of coherence or well-being.

Healing protocols: physical

  • Total body Scan (Really an SDC   Scan, Diagnosis, Clearing) discover, trace
  • Organ Scan:  heart, lungs, brain, bladder, kidneys etc.
  • Endocrine gland Scan:  adrenals, thyroid, thymus, pituitary, pineal, etc.
  • Blood Scan
  • Arterial Scan (Plaque levels)
  • Meridian Scan
  •  Neurotransmitter Scan
  • Allergy scan:  foods, pollens and other inhalants, animals, contactants, pollutants

Healing Protocols: psychospiritual

Consciousness calibration and raising (Re. David Hawkins)

  • Karmic sector (enoe) scan and clearing
  • Ego scan and clearing
  • Sub-personality scan and clearing (Re. Psychosynthesis/Assagioli)
  • Possession scan and exorcism

Generic Clearings

  • I-dentity Clearing
  • Developmental Clearing