PsychoNoetics and Karmic Clearing

Karmic Clearing: a transformative process

Karmic clearing  (psychonoetic memory clearing) is a miraculous process. The underlying dynamics are complex but the experience is magical. Sometimes it is as if an entire psychological problem, something that has been troubling you your entire life, has just disappeared without a trace. You can't get in touch with the old feelings anymore; you can't even remember how bad you felt, how angry, how victimized. You are just over it.

How does this happen?

We are all in the grip of karmic patterns. A karmic pattern is just the effect of something which has happened to us, whether in this life or in a previous one. Because everything that has ever happened to us is permanently held in Karmic memory, it is as if it is constantly happening, and we are always experiencing it. Imagine that someone is continually hitting you - you would never stop feeling it. This is the case with karmic memories; they never stop being there and you never stop hurting. They are called karmic memories because they stay with you from lifetime to lifetime, stored in your karmic self.

Karmic Clearing actually erases these memories. You let go of them and, surprise of surprises, you stop feeling their effect. Then, with PsychoNoetics, you deconstruct the patterns which you have formed around these memories. After clearing and deconstructing, you just get on with your life, but with enhanced energy, clarity and ease.

How does PsychoNoetics clear these Karmic memories?

There is an unconscious process by which your soul body holds on to karmic memories. This, like the write-protected data on a computer, cannot be accessed unless you know the password. This data is held so deeply in our bio-computer that most of us don't even suspect it is there.

From his immersion in nondual consciousness, Dr. Jeff has developed from being a psychologist to being a psychological intuitive, a healer of the mind, a healer of consciousness . Non-dual consciousness has awakened in him the ability to access the memories held in another person's soul body and, by aligning his intention with theirs, to facilitate their release.

What is a Psychonoetic Clearing session like?

At first all you will be aware of is Dr. Jeff asking you questions, questions which you will not be required to answer-but just to hold. On the unconscious level, however, Dr. Jeff is going to be engaging your soul body, accessing, testing and releasing karmic memories and patterns.

As you release a memory however, you will probably become aware of a subtle relaxation, a lifting of tension. This is usually accompanied by an involuntary deep breath. As you rid yourself of the negative feelings and energy blocks that have accompanied the negative pattern, you start to feel lighter and clearer. Not only will you be relieved of your negative feelings, but in most cases they will become impossible to even get in touch with. They simply won't be there anymore. But this is not all. In the days and weeks to come, you will experience a series of welcome changes, as your psyche and your life radically reorganize themselves in tandem.

As you work with Dr. Jeff, whether privately or in workshops, you'll gradually develop the ability to do psychonoetic clearing on yourself and to help your friends and family as well. It is a matter of waking up and harnessing the intrapsychic energies and communication channels that are the real way that consciousness works.

Every psychonoetic clearing releases a trauma, unblocks energy and stimulates growth. Sometimes this opens a Pandora's box, as more and more repressed, psychic material becomes free to surface. This may give you the appearance of going backwards and may be discouraging for awhile, but don't worry. This is to be expected. Keep in mind that all psychological growth and spiritual evolution necessitates change and although it may be disturbing, it's an immensely positive process which will pay off in the end.

Over time, following the clearing path of PsychoNoetics, you'll transform yourself overtime into a clear vessel, free of self-imposed problems and limitations and in continual touch with your innate perfection, that which is variously called Christ consciousness, Buddha mind, God nature or simply Common Identity.

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