PsychoNoetics Training

Searching for that meaningful career? Help others through transforming yourself. Become a certified PsychoNoetics therapist. PsychoNoetics is the real psychic surgery; the new, uniquely powerful, psychospiritual transformational and healing therapy. It can be practiced individually or in groups, on Skype or even distantly. The only way to learn PsychoNoetics is to be transformed yourself; because only in this way does your intention becomes coherent and powerful enough to read and transform others.


PsychoNoetics is both a metapsychology and a transformational philosophy. What do I mean by this? A transformational philosophy is one that cannot just be taught; it requires a perceptual transformation in order to be understood. “What is a perceptual transformation?” you wonder.

We all perceive in a context; I call it a Conceiving, Perceiving, Receiving context, CPR, for short. These CPR contexts have to be cleared in order to get to… what? This is the question I have been asking myself for nearly 20 years, and I have come up with a succession of different and deeper answers. Some of the best are God, truth, the (absolute) Witness, the largest context, Self, full awakening, level II enlightenment, aperspectival, aperceptual and contentless consciousness, and finally, a new word that I have coined – holosentience (meaning whole- system awareness).

One has to experience the transformation that comes from being cleared in order to fully appreciate the change in perception – and the changing beliefs and emotions that come from this perceptual change. Which gets me to PsychoNoetics as a metapsychology or meta-psychotherapy. Why do I call PsychoNoetics a metapsychology? Because at its highest, clearing works on the level of absolute or collective consciousness, not individual consciousness. The clearing is done psychically and distantly, using the power of coherent intention. Again, you have to experience it to believe it, but it does work, and it works miracles. It works so well that I have been using my transformed perceptions for a deep exploration of reality (transformational philosophy), including reconceiving the process of evolution and the essential nature of consciousness.

So, how does PsychoNoetics work as a meta-psychotherapy, and how does one learn to be a practitioner? First of all, you get cleared – and cleared – and cleared again. Gradually, over successive iterations of clearing, you become more coherent. Your intentions become aligned, and with alignment they become more powerful; they potentiate.

At first, your practice is confined to verbalizing a script in the presence and hearing of your client. In time and with clearing and spiritual maturity, you need only to see or even think about your client while intending to clear them, and the clearing happens. (Consciousness understands meaning, and intention is meaning. When all is said and done, what you intend is what you mean and what happens. The process is akin to a Hindu guru giving Shaktipat.)

You might wonder why one has to be repeatedly cleared in order to be fully “trained” as a PsychoNoetic therapist. You can only clear others to the highest level of awakening that you are in. Probably no one is fully awake all of the time, but with self-preparation and, if needed, self-clearing, a PsychoNoetic therapist can sustain the state of full awakening while working. (In self therapy one can also clear oneself to the highest level that one is in. The catch is maintaining this level while at the same time being in the contracted consciousness of the CPR context, which, of course, implies being in two places at the same time. You can’t clear a state unless you’re in it.)

Of course, there is more that you as a PsychoNoetic psychotherapist must do. You need to help your client focus in on his or her problem, so that you both know what to clear. Einstein said something like “you cannot solve any problem from the level of consciousness at which it was conceived.” But if you raise the level of consciousness, the problem is not only solved, it dissolves, and it disappears.

After the clearing people usually need a few minutes of silence to reorganize their thoughts/perceptions and become ready to report on the changes that they experience. As a PsychoNoetic therapist you would use your level of awakening to stay present and connected during both the focusing in on the problem, and the aftermath, when the problem is cleared.

People sometimes clear spontaneously, but it is very slow and unreliable. PsychoNoetic clearing is much faster and much surer. I believe that PsychoNoetics and, to a lesser degree, some of the other “clearing” techniques that have been developed, are the most effective - no strike that - the only really effective means of transforming people, changing humanity, and bringing a real peace onto earth. Again, you have to experience it to believe it. I invite you to do this.

PsychoNoetics Training Sequence

Training in PsychoNoetics follows a sequence. First, people are cleared and trained by a facilitator, either individually or by participating in small groups. Gradually their consciousness reaches a level of coherence, and their intention reaches of level of purity, sufficient for them to start clearing themselves.  As they become self sufficient and self responsible in the work, the role of the facilitator changes into one of teaching, guidance and inspiration. People who become advanced in PsychoNoetic practice can seek to become certified as Practitioners themselves, or just use the practice to be more effective in their personal lives and their work, so that everything they do effortlessly comes out of and transmits clarity and compassion.

There are three levels of attainment in PsychoNoetics training:

1.  PsychoNoetic facilitator - PsychoNoetic facilitators have advanced in their self transformation and knowledge to the point where they are able to clear themselves, and help clear their family and friends. 

2.  PsychoNoetic practitioner - PsychoNoetic practitioners have advanced in their self transformation and knowledge to the point where they are able to work with individuals and small groups professionally. 

3.  PsychoNoetic Master 
- PsychoNoetic Masters have advanced in their self transformation and knowledge to the point where they can train other PsychoNoetic practitioners, and also test and clear distantly 

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