Q & A

Q.  Walking around in my inner space seems a little invasive

A.  Good point.  Sometimes it will seem like I am clearing you, and sometimes it will seem like you are clearing it yourself, but really, on the deepest level, it is both and neither of us.  This is because for a clearing to take place, our intentions have to be aligned.  We have to intend to let go; we have to intend wholeness.  And this intention, the intention towards wholeness, toward unity, is neither yours nor mine, at least not exclusively; it is the intention of consciousness itself.  Consciousness in its pure form is nothing other than the Self or Atman.  And consciousness always tends towards wholeness; consciousness always wants to unify with itself.

There is a problem however, and that problem is embodiment.  When consciousness is embodied in a body, particularly a human body, that embodiment is separate and has intentions of its own.  This is how it should be, how it must be.  In itself it does not present a difficulty.  The difficulty comes when the intention of the bodymind conflicts with the intention of the Self.  And this arises when the parts of our Self start to hold themselves separate from the whole of our Self.  Furthermore, this difficulty can arise on any level. It can arise when parts of our body do not recognize the whole, as in cancer.  It can arise when some of our thoughts and feelings do not accept some of our other thoughts and feelings.  It can arise when we as individuals do not recognize our common humanity.  And it can arise when the human race does not recognize its interdependence with other forms of life and with the natural world that sustains us all.