Stress lowering workshop

Stress Lowering Consciousness Raising Workshop

Just as we can't banish all suffering, we can't banish all stress from our lives, but we can do something about the stress that we ourselves cause - and that, believe it or not, is most of it. 

Stress, like all suffering, is created when we see reality perceived from the perspective of a false identity.  Let me explain. A bullet speeding through the air is harmless. It is only when it hits something; say a human body, that it does its damage. Everything is like that. A thought, a crisis, an attack, a threat, a loss - it has to impact something or someone in order to do damage.

When we experience stress or indeed any kind of dis-stress, we are the something that is hit.  Sometimes it is our physical self, our body that gets hit, like getting run over by a bus. But most of the time it is not our physical self but our idea of our self that gets hit, an idea that we are holding about who we are.

What are these ideas?  Some are ideas about our vulnerability and what we need to survive and thrive; some are ideas about how we need to be regarded and/or treated and some are ideas about what we need to do - or avoid doing. All of these ideas, in fact every idea we have about ourselves, are self-concepts that imprison us. They make us into things, things that are vulnerable, things that bullets can destroy.  And in this regard, any change that threatens a fixed idea of our selves becomes a bullet.

In this ongoing workshop we will help one another identify the self-concepts or false identities that make us vulnerable and destructible, and which when threatened, create fear and stress.  After we see them, we will clear them (with Psychonoetic facilitation). This will free us to deal with our money and our life from the place of clarity and calm that is our universal birthright!