PsychoNoetic Healing

PsychoNoetic Three Dimensional Healing

PsychoNoetics is also a powerful tool to heal our bodies. It works on the principle of clearing up identity confusion on the psychophysical level as a way correcting our metabolism so that it can function optimally. Thus corrected, our metabolism can heal our body, sometimes very quickly, by restoring it to balance. PsychoNoetic healing is most effective for other healing those disorders for which other health care modalities are least effective; disorders characterized by identity confusion: allergies, autoimmune disorders, cancers and the like. Allopathic medicine treats these identity confusion disorders by suppressing the immune system. This alleviates the symptoms but robs the body of its first line of defense. Most other treatment strategies strengthen the body. This strategy is better because it strengthens the body's resistance in general, but it also strengthens the immune system which, in the case of allergies and autoimmune disorders, is confusedly attacking other systems of the body. Whereas in the case of cancers, it sometimes strengthens the cancer as well as the body as a whole. Only by first clearing up the identity confusion can the metabolism be free to do its healing work! Then strengthening the body as a whole is the next step.


Wholeness heals.

Wellness is wholeness of the body,

Enlightenment is wholeness of consciousness

Illness, dis-ease rarely if ever exists in a vacuum.  That is to say a physical illness rarely exists without some disturbances on the psychological and spiritual levels.  In fact, it rarely exists without a cluster of other physical problems.  Healing that is just aimed at the presenting symptomology doesn't get at the whole person, and therefore it is never comprehensive or deep and it is just a matter of time before another illness or problem arises.

This said however, I know that there is an originating level (physical, psychological or spiritual) of any illness and that is usually the place to start the treatment.  However, after I address this I look for other, compromised systems on all levels.  Then I look for lifestyle issues, diet, exercise, work, relationships, stress etc. that might play a role in the dis-ease process.  This is total healing, three dimensional healing and it is only after all facets of the illness have been looked at and any appropriate steps have been taken that the treatment can be said to be complete.

Even then, a complete treatment is not a complete healing.  The first treatment starts the healing but it is the new life direction, along with possible subsequent treatments, that over time, completes it.

Psychonoetic healing starts by addressing the presenting problem but it does not hold itself complete until it addresses all systems, all levels, and all lifestyle variables.  So, for instance, healing a person who has type 2 diabetes may start by clearing the pancreas.  However the adrenals and thyroid are probably compromised as well and the person is probably suffering from stress syndrome with its origin in either allergic stress, psychological stress or physical/disease stress.

The person is almost always overweight as well and there is a relationship between Cortisol levels and weight, as well as thyroid insufficiency and weight. 

After this is looked at, I look at the psychological and spiritual issues that might either underlie or result from the whole disease pattern.

On the other hand, a mental illness, say a phobia, needs to be first addressed on the psychological level.  What is its history; what is the person getting out of it; how does it distort the pattern of his life.  However there are invariably lifestyle issues, physical health issues and spiritual issues as well and again, the treatment is not complete until all of these have been dealt with.

Healing modalities

There are three elements to most PsychoNoetics treatments, scanning, diagnosis and clearing/energizing.


Scanning consists of reviewing the body of consciousness in question, whether it be a part of the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body or the karmic body in order to identify any holdings that are blocking or diminishing energy flow.


Diagnosis is the process of tracing the holding back to its specific point to origination, in this life or a past life, whether it is a memory, a belief/emotion, a trauma - physical or psychological, an energy field or something else.  When the root cause of a negative holding is discovered, something can be done about it with precision.


Something that is being held can also be let go of.  It is as simple as relaxing a fist; you just intend it and it happens. However, as in anything, you have to know how to do it and you have to be in the right place.  The place that I work from is universal mind or universal consciousness, the same universal consciousness that we all are.  To the extent that you give yourself up to this consciousness and intend to let go, my intention will facilitate your intention, and a profound healing will take place.

Every part of your consciousness, body, mind and spirit, is a complex system in homeostatic balance.  When a negative holding is let go of, some tension or conflict in the system is released and the remaining forces go to a different balance.  In a short while homeostasis is regained, but on a higher level of coherence or well-being.

Healing protocols: physical

  • Total body Scan (Really an SDC   Scan, Diagnosis, Clearing) discover, trace
  • Organ Scan:  heart, lungs, brain, bladder, kidneys etc.
  • Endocrine gland Scan:  adrenals, thyroid, thymus, pituitary, pineal, etc.
  • Blood Scan
  • Arterial Scan (Plaque levels)
  • Meridian Scan
  •  Neurotransmitter Scan
  • Allergy scan:  foods, pollens and other inhalants, animals, contactants, pollutants

Healing Protocols: psychospiritual

Consciousness calibration and raising (Re. David Hawkins)

  • Karmic sector (enoe) scan and clearing
  • Ego scan and clearing
  • Sub-personality scan and clearing (Re. Psychosynthesis/Assagioli)
  • Possession scan and exorcism

Generic Clearings

  • I-dentity Clearing
  • Developmental Clearing

Q & A

Q.  Walking around in my inner space seems a little invasive

A.  Good point.  Sometimes it will seem like I am clearing you, and sometimes it will seem like you are clearing it yourself, but really, on the deepest level, it is both and neither of us.  This is because for a clearing to take place, our intentions have to be aligned.  We have to intend to let go; we have to intend wholeness.  And this intention, the intention towards wholeness, toward unity, is neither yours nor mine, at least not exclusively; it is the intention of consciousness itself.  Consciousness in its pure form is nothing other than the Self or Atman.  And consciousness always tends towards wholeness; consciousness always wants to unify with itself.

There is a problem however, and that problem is embodiment.  When consciousness is embodied in a body, particularly a human body, that embodiment is separate and has intentions of its own.  This is how it should be, how it must be.  In itself it does not present a difficulty.  The difficulty comes when the intention of the bodymind conflicts with the intention of the Self.  And this arises when the parts of our Self start to hold themselves separate from the whole of our Self.  Furthermore, this difficulty can arise on any level. It can arise when parts of our body do not recognize the whole, as in cancer.  It can arise when some of our thoughts and feelings do not accept some of our other thoughts and feelings.  It can arise when we as individuals do not recognize our common humanity.  And it can arise when the human race does not recognize its interdependence with other forms of life and with the natural world that sustains us all.

PsychoNoetics as Buddhist Healing


PsychoNoetics as Buddhist Healing

In many ways PsychoNoetics fits squarely within the Buddhist tradition and can be seen as Buddhist healing. First of all it, like the whole of Buddhism, is a program for escaping suffering.  What's more, the conception of suffering is the same in PsychoNoetics and Buddhism, namely it is the suffering we create for ourselves.  Furthermore the origination and continuation of suffering are seen in the same way in PsychoNoetics and Buddhism.  Some of these similarities are:

  1. The laws of cause and effect (karma), as they are held and work in the consciousness of the individual.  (On the level of the physical body as well as the enoeic {karmic or soul} and egoic levels)
  2. The ways in which karmic cause-and-effect work through perception, both sensory and cognitive.
  3. The way sensory and cognitive perception is formed through prior learning and the way prior learning is formed through perception creating an unconscious feedback loop.
  4. The way this feedback loop needs to be brought to consciousness before it can be revised.
  5. The need to gradually revise this feedback loop by letting go of the beliefs, emotions and intentions, (BEI's) that underlie these perceptions.

Some Differences

PsychoNoetics of course differs from Buddhism in the means or technology to revise these beliefs.  The principal technologies of Buddhism are meditation, education, insight and affirmation.  To these, PsychoNoetics adds autokinesiological testing and intentional clearing. 

In PsychoNoetics, the first and by far the most significant clearing is Karmic clearing or memory clearing.  In this, consciousness itself is cleared of a stream of memories, whether they originated in a past lifetime or the present one.  This washes clean the window of perception.

Although autokinesiological testing and intentional clearing are an addition to Buddhist techniques they are an addition that creates further differences.  One of these is that, as the clearing proceeds, the mind holds fewer obstacles to stillness so there is less need for meditation. 

The other big difference is that, while the pointing, inquiry and understanding aspects of Buddhist education are not only retained but emphasized, PsychoNoetics eschews all beliefs and affirmations for the path of letting go, of neti neti, not this not that. While this is not in accord with all Buddhist teaching, it does agree with the highest Buddhist teaching.


Even beyond beliefs, Buddhism teaches that attachment is the root of all suffering and that letting go of attachments is one of the gateways to enlightenment.  Not only is PsychoNoetics in agreement with this, it extends the principal from the psychospiritual level to the physical level.  One of its discoveries is that all sorts of dis-eases, from allergies and autoimmune disorders to toxic reactions, diseases and even injuries can be "energy blocks and imbalances", and are the physical analogs to psychospiritual beliefs and attachments.  Following this insight, the diagnosis and treatment of physical dis-ease converges with the diagnosis and treatment of psychospiritual dis-ease.

Presence or Nirvana

Finally PsychoNoetics, like Buddhism, points to an unknowable place, a place beyond words, beyond any designation, a place of no-thingness in which some no-thing arises.  That which arises when the causes of dis-ease are cleared is absolute ease, ultimate well-being.  It is calm, clarity and compassion.  It is inner freedom.  It is presence, the presence of that state Buddhism calls Nirvana.  And it heals the body as well as the mind and spirit.

More about healing

I've explained a little about what I do as a psychological intuitive and healer, now I'd like to talk about the physical side of healing, and then say a few things about the precision healing of PsychoNoetics.

Mainstream medicine

Our body, mind and spirit work together and makes up a whole system.  Depending on what we think, do, and put into the system, it can find homeostasis and balance itself or it can break down. When it breaks down and we go to a medical doctor, the chances are he will recommend treatment that will address your symptoms but ignore the causes of this breakdown.  This will make you more comfortable but only temporarily.  If you don't address the forces that are causing your system to break and only treat the symptoms the dis-ease progresses and you will eventually get into serious trouble.

Spiritual healing

Most "spiritual" healing consists of sending a prayer or a general intention for wellness or wholeness to the person being healed.  Although positive healing energy is sent, it tends to be unfocused and it too does not address the causes of the problem.  Positive energy almost always has a beneficial effect, but frequently these effects are disappointingly minimal.  For instance, in clinical trials, where groups of people pray for hospital patients, the people who are prayed for do somewhat better than the control group (which has received no prayers) but the difference is slight, statistically significant but practically insignificant, usually not enough to turn around the disease process, usually not lifesaving.

The precision healing of PsychoNoetics

PsychoNoetics is the next generation of healing practice.  It is a new healing paradigm, one that combines spirit and science. PsychoNoetics does not work by suppressing symptoms nor does it work by giving positive energy as a tonic.  Instead, it addresses our whole system on the causal level and with great precision. 

How does PsychoNoetics work?

Just as I ask specific questions as a psychological intuitive and healer, I do so as a medical one.  The questions are too numerous to list, but they take in the state of your endocrine glands and hormones, metabolism, nervous system, neurotransmitters, blood, muscles and bones.  They also take into account allergies, autoimmune disorders, chronic diseases and infectious diseases as well as cancer.  Beyond that, I put things together to try to grasp the pattern of your whole system, body, mind and spirit, on the causal level.

As I locate maladaptive or dysfunctional beliefs, defenses and energy blocks, on either the psychospiritual or physical levels, I clear them with the scalpel of focused intention. When the blocks you're holding are cleared, your own energy resumes its flow. This principle holds true for every level of our being.

The healing relationship

What ever you consult me for, I don't relate to you as a problem or disease or even a patient.  I relate to you as a whole person trying to move towards health and wholeness, but encountering obstacles along the way.  My job is to help you see these obstacles and remove them, not to go around them.  In this, I try to take everything into account and move you as a whole towards well-being.

This is the healing relationship and it creates a field, a transformational field.  This field potentiates the techniques of PsychoNoetics and it is in this field that healing takes place.

Throughout the process, in-between investigating and clearing, I talk with you, asking questions, sharing things from my own life, making jokes, telling little Zen stories and gently pointing the way forward.

Dramatic results

Because of the power and precision of PsychoNoetics, most healing is fast and the results significant.  When it is not, I either have not discovered the root cause of the difficulty or the bodymind has to go through a gradual restructuring

Working with physicians

 I am not a medical doctor and I do not practice medicine, nor am I a chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath or any other licensed medical provider.  However I will be glad to collaborate with any healthcare professionals you are working with.  What's more I think then in many cases a complementary approach, which includes nutrition, detoxification, rehabilitation, counseling, medication and the like, as needed, is more powerful.  My only caveat is that close attention should be paid to the course of treatment, so that only that which is beneficial is undergone.

Psychological intuitive and enlightenment therapist

There is no one word for everything I do, so I will have to describe them part by part.  As I have said, I do psychotherapy, but it is psychotherapy with a difference, because my therapy, while starting with your "psychological" problems, does not stop there.  If you are willing, I can take you all the way to the enlightenment.  So one of the things I call myself is an enlightenment therapist or enlightenment psychologist. I am also a spiritual teacher and the founder of the spiritual path of Omnius,

I have also told you that I am a healer.  Part of my healing is my ability to precisely scan your consciousness. You've heard of a medical intuitive, someone who can scan the inner space of your body and see what is wrong there.  Well, I am a medical intuitive, but even more, I am a psychological intuitive, I can scan your mind and see what is wrong there as well. 

However, just as I am a different kind of psychotherapist, I am a different kind of intuitive...  Where other intuitives might get an image of your energy bodies or aura, I ask questions.  I direct questions to your consciousness, actually to your unconscious, then answer them through autokinesiology. This is a much more precise process.

When I am functioning as a psychological intuitive, the first question I ask is "are you in memory"?  Being in memory is operating in the context of the past.  It is the opposite of being in the now.  When you operate in memory, you are not present in the present; you are not operating in reality but in a remembered illusion or delusion

I ask other questions too!  Some of these questions have their origin in Buddhist psychology, others in Western psychology.  The first Buddhist question is "are you in attachment?"  Buddha taught that life is full of suffering and there are two causes for suffering, being in attachment and not seeing reality.  When we are in attachment, we are not accepting our life as it is.  We are dissatisfied, rejecting what is and straining for what we want.  Of course there is nothing wrong with bettering our situation, and ourselves, but first we want to accept who we are and where we are.  We want to be here with balance and equanimity. Then we can change things where it is possible, accept them where it is impossible and do both gracefully, without suffering.

The next Buddhist questions are:  "are you in a belief system" and "are you in emotion?"  Where attachment is about accepting reality, being in a belief system is about knowing reality.  If you don't know reality, you can't accept it. 

Emotion is the flip side of belief.  When you have a belief it creates an emotion in you.  When you're experiencing an emotion, it points to a belief, although maybe an unconscious one.  Some people are more consciously rational and others more consciously emotional, but because beliefs and emotions are flip sides of the same coin, this difference is superficial. From the point of view of reality, both are equally delusional.  The quality of the delusion is different but the delusion is the same.

The questions I ask from Western psychology are: are you in denial, and are you in rationalization?  Both of these questions are about strategy; about what you do to sustain the illusion that you are in.  Denials are related to beliefs and emotions in that all three are about delusion. However, where a belief is not seeing reality because you believe something else, and an attachment is not being in reality because you want to be somewhere else, denial is different, it is saying no to what is rather than yes to what is not.  In this, it is a way of protecting your beliefs.

Rationalization is yet another strategy.  It is the defense mechanism of distorting or hiding the truth by making something up, telling yourself a story.  This story reframes and justifies something that you have thought or done.  When we rationalize we deny responsibility for our thoughts and actions and their outcomes.  Rationalizing is the opposite of admitting free will.

When I get a yes answer on any of the above questions I then ask whether you're ready to let go of it.  If you're not, I investigate and we dialogue until you are ready.  But if you are, I clear you.  The clearing is an act of will; I clear with the scalpel of focused intention. 

How am I able to do the things that I do?  How does one person, a separated bodymind have access to and influence over to the bodymind of another.  It seems impossible, and put like that it is impossible!   The clue resides in a seventh question, namely "are you in false identity"?

You see, when you are identified with your separated brainbody, you are in a false identity.  Why, because you are not truly a separated bodymind. You are consciousness, Self, Atman, God.  You are this embodied, in a body.  And being in the body, having the experiences of a body, the senses of body, the memories of body, you tend to forget what you really are, your true identity. Instead you identify with the vessel that you inhabit, the separated bodymind. 

All of the things that I clear, memories, attachments, beliefs, emotions, denials and rationalizations are the building blocks of ego, of false identity.  Because of my clearing practice, I have almost completely deconstructed my false identity.  Although I still inhabit a separated bodymind I am not identified with it. I use it but I am not limited by it.  Rather, I have realized my true identity as consciousness itself.  And while there are almost infinite numbers of bodyminds, there is only one consciousness that, like one Ocean, spares a drop of water for them all. 

When I am in my real identity, I am in the ocean of consciousness, the One.  Here, my smallest intention creates waves that pound the rocky shores of separateness.

More about healing

Welcome to PSI


Our fundamental identity is absolute consciousness, de-void of any conditioning whatsoever. However, our identities as individuals, as well as our human identity as a race, is programmed consciousness. Your consciousness has been programmed by evolution, by collective consciousness, perhaps by your past lives, and last but not least by the sum of your experiences from the moment of conception to the present. Everything that you do, think and feel, in your entire life, is lived in the context of these programs. Yet, the great majority of these programs are unconscious or pre-conscious. We think that we are fully conscious and that we are choosing our path through life; however, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that we are pre-programmed, programmed to eat and breathe, programmed to struggle to survive, programmed to love and hate, programmed to compete and submit, programmed to climb the dominance hierarchy - and most of all programmed to perceive the present and anticipate the future in the context of what we have learned in the past! What is more, when we are in the grip of these programs, we are almost certain, almost doomed, to react instead of act.

What does this mean to you? It means that instead of experiencing things openly and consciously, you experience them inside a box, a pre-existent, unconscious box and you react to them mechanically in a preordained manner. On an individual level, this and this alone is the explanation for the great majority of what goes wrong in your life! On the collective level of all humanity, this and this alone is the explanation for the great majority of what is wrong with the world!

If you feel that you are out of control, that your life is not working the way you hoped it would, that you are ruled by vicious habits and petty passions, that you don't understand why people react to you in the ways they do - if you feel that no matter how good your intentions may be, your emotions and actions belie them - this and this alone is the explanation!

The programs that rule us are rigid, harsh and inconsiderate. In a time when human progress was not so fast, what we learned in the past stayed more or less applicable in the present. But at the present time, where we are co-evolving ourselves, our society and our technology at breakneck speed and consuming the natural world in the process, some of these human programs are becoming obsolete more quickly than our computer programs!

Yet, until now, until the creation of PsychoNoetics, there has been no comprehensive way to deprogram ourselves so that we can make room for consciousness and openness. PsychoNoetics is a therapeutic transformational modality which has, at its heart, strategies to identify and deprogram those programs which are no longer working to benefit us, both our lives as individuals, and our collective impact on the planet.

We invite you to explore this website at your leisure and think deeply about what you're reading, because PsychoNoetics is powerful medicine. It can and will change your life, but only if you practice it. It can and will change the world, but only if we practice it!


In order to practice it, we must first learn PsychoNoetics. On-going facilitation and online training is available in private and group sessions and free online public seminars will be announced.

Please contact us to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you regarding any questions, comments, suggestions, proposals, ideas, sharings, or internship requests.


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