What is The Clearing Path?

There are only a few sacred, transformational technologies. Meditation, advaitic inquiry, and the yogic, psychophysical techniques like asanas, breathing, and chanting are the major ones. The auto-kinesiological testing and intentional clearing techniques of PsychoNoetics are a powerful addition to this list. In fact, although I recommend using a combination of techniques, if I was to endorse only one I would recommend PsychoNoetics. However I would recommend it with this caveat. The clearing path is not for everyone. In order to use it successfully you have to be hungry for transformation. You have to want to live in the present and to let go of everything that compromises your presence. If this is not you, if you prefer to rationalize, to deny, to blame, to defend your beliefs and wallow in your emotions, don't bother reading further. But if you are impatient with anything that slows you down, that takes you out of the present, that weakens you, that pushes your buttons and makes you lose it, read on - because PsychoNoetics is the thing that you have been looking for.

The clearing path is a way of life. It is a part of your commitment to yourself. If you get it, if you really understand it - it's power, what it can do - it will become an essential part of that commitment. First comes the commitment. That's foundational. If you don't have that there is no sense in going further, and no one can give you that. You have to get it for yourself. It has to arise within you. After you really make this commitment, after you start monitoring your inner space - then you can feel when you're in the right place and when you're not, and then you discover that no matter how good your intentions are, no matter how strong your affirmations are, no matter how vast your understanding is, no matter how much you do yoga and/or meditate - there is still something that gets you off, that catches you in reactivity, positionality and duality. You think maybe it is your ego and you start to push it down or flee from it. But your ego doesn't stay down and wherever you go your ego is waiting for you. Or you think maybe it is karma, and you enter into an adversarial relationship with it. You don't fully grok that your ego and karma are just you - what you're holding in your consciousness. Finally however you start to understand that whatever it is, is just what you are holding in your inner space, in your consciousness. Now the problem shifts. Now the problem becomes how to let go of what you're holding. Now you're ready to walk the clearing path.

Psychonoetic clearing is simple. Think of it as psychospiritual hygiene. Its use should be as ordinary and routine as brushing your teeth. Yet it is amazingly powerful, more so than any other psychological or spiritual practice. In a few moments it can clear something that has been troubling you for your entire life, and send you on to the new. It is also unlimited. You can use it to identify and let go of a childhood trauma or a outdated intention which is getting in your way, but you can also use it to let go of the very illusion of separation which is blocking the portal to awakening and Self realization.

Use it, and use it well!