What is PsychoNoetics?



What is PsychoNoetics?


PsychoNoetics is a body of theory about the dual nature of human beings and a revolutionary strategy of meditative processing (Level II Meditation) to refine that nature through intentional deprogramming and reprogramming. The ultimate goal of PsychoNoetics is the attainment of Level II Enlightenment, an evolutionary potential of humanity.


PsychoNoetics is an ontological endeavor. Ontology is the study of being and by extension, the science of consciousness. In this respect PsychoNoetics could be called applied ontology. PsychoNoetics uses the realization of the nature of being as the context for all of its therapeutic and transformational modalities.


What is PsychoNoetic Science?


PsychoNoetic science is a deep investigation into human nature and even more, into human evolutionary potential. Specifically, PsychoNoetic science is the science of Level II Enlightenment. It posits that human nature is composed of two consciousnesses, separative survival consciousness, and Oneness, unitive God consciousness. Oneness is absolute consciousness – de-void of any programming.  Survival consciousness is absolute consciousness programmed by the evolutionary, collective, past life and personal histories of both the human species and the individuals that make it up.


People tend to be in denial about one or the other of these consciousnesses.  Most people, even those that are religious, are in denial of their God consciousness. (These people often intend positive behavior, but they are following an outer directive rather than resting in accord with their inner identity.) But increasingly we find people who are in denial of their survival consciousness, with a deep intention to live only from their spiritual aspects. (These people intend to be godlike, but often find themselves undermined by powerful survival impulses.)


PsychoNoetics posits that in order to progress on any path of self-realization, we must first accept our nature in its entirety. We must find a balance. We must accept that we are human - and we must accept that we are God (By God, we mean the Gnostic vision of God as absolute consciousness, not the Christian or deistic God).  From this acceptance it is possible to consciously move toward Level II Enlightenment.


 In its efforts to discover and validate the principles of Level II Enlightenment, and to use these principles to invite people there, PsychoNoetic science draws upon the highest standards of academic and clinical psychology, quantum physics, the science of consciousness, the wisdom traditions, applied kinesiology, paranormal studies, and the healing traditions.  It recognizes the scientific precision that must accompany any attempt to translate from Nondual truth to linear language, and it rigorously applies this precision to the study and experiences of consciousness.